Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to Travel On: A Guide For the Perpetually Depressed and Other Similar Persons.

The single most difficult thing in life is to accept destiny.

"...And to believe in divine destiny, both the good and the evil thereof." -Muhammad(SAW) -The Hadith of Gabriel(AS)"

No matter how much you try to struggle and run, what catches up to you (or lack thereof) reaches you in a due time and process. (Un)fortunately, no matter how many times you experience a shift in life it doesn't get any easier ever. But I have compiled a list of steps that perhaps may be of use to one experiencing the trouble of acceptance of fate. At the risk of sounding like an AA advertisement.

1.) Accept

The core of destiny is acceptance. There is no changing the past, Doc. so stop trying to build the DeLorean. Sit back take a deep breath and realise that what's done is done. Chill out take a walk around the block. Most importantly try not to take to long on acceptance. Over thinking leads to depression.

2.) The Cons

 TRY WITH ALL YOUR GOD GIVEN MIGHT to draft up a list of contrasts to your situation. Reach and become ridiculous if you must. What matters is that you come up with a minimum of 7 SOLID reasons why the situation you want/desire is actually bad for you. You should aim for 15.

3.) The Pros

Only to be done after step 2. This may sound weird, backwards or downright wrong but you absolutely must think of the positives of the what you wanted. Doing this will free yourself from any guilt and/or late night what-if sessions. If you map out all the possible outcomes that could have been from the get-go you will dwell on them less later.

4.) New

Being where you're at presently. Take advantage of it. Try something you'd have never tried before. You're already out of your comfort zone, you may as well push it a bit further.

5.) Open

Some one's gone through what you've been through, a friend, a co-worker, an Internet blogger. Go find someone and talk to them. Asking for help helps.

6.) Cry

It's healthy. Natural. and you won't be holding all that anger inside.

 7.) Eat

Go eat at a new restaurant with your friends. You'll surprise yourself how enjoyable it will be actually. If you're to scared or too poor to eat at a new place go to your favourite and order something new.

8.) Meet

Make a goal to meet at least 2 new people. Intimately. Get to actually know them.

9.) Watch

Watch Back to the Future. All of them even the questionable part 3.

10. Listen

And that's what you need to travel on

We're all gonna make it brahs,

Zyzz Yusuf
el mariachi

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