Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love Letter to the Future (or flexin on my haters)

a word from the president of local35 it is a prologue and an explanation of the film but much like a book you can skip it and head straight to the part about us flexin.

".cinema   !!!!
this is our(local35) first production piece .cinema
The minute long cinematic narrative is a glance at our beautiful city Pittsburgh, through our radical neo-realistic camera lenses. The film was originally produced for a competition held by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences but was cultivated in a specific caliber that allows it the ability of standing alone as an introspective work. .cinema's[sic] aim was to challenge the status quo of modern Hollywood by displaying in brief clips the lives of everyday people. It has been time existing in an elapsed manner since we, Local35, substantiated the the actual coercive regency motion pictures have on society and on the human psyche.
Therefore it has been made our mission to create content that is realistic, relatable and morally pedagogical in direct defiance to the overpowering grip of the excessive reckless hedonism copiously ingested by the masses, yearning for entertainment. They devour atrocity only to regurgitate it later in the form of bad decisions and misinformation."

and we made it to flex on our haters

.cinema in its purest form exists as a testament to hardwork and a toast to my dreams. For as long as I can remember movies have occupied a portion of my heart. It's been a month since post production and I still can't believe that I finally did it. I did it in an albeit very, short, primitive form, but still its a step in a direction I definitely want to take. My cliche of the day to you is follow your dreams. But to follow them you actually have to do something. It is completely irrelevant how small that fist step is, what matters is that you take it.

Think about when you learned to ride a bike. You really, really, wanted to ride the two-wheelers because all the big kids were doin' it and dammit you wanted to be a big kid already! Some of your friends already learned how to ride and you couldn't keep up because you were bogged down by those kiddie training wheels. OH THE HUMILITY. However did you just leave your bike in the garage, angrily throw your hands up in the air, and yell "I QUIT I'M NOT GONNA LEARN ITS TOO HARD" ??
God willingly you didn't. You probably went out the next day got some help and madethatfirststeppp... thereby pushing the peddle down raising your other foot...

You see when you pushed the first peddle down by taking that first step your other one raised, that is to say (yani) you automatically positioned yourself for the next step and when you took that step you stopped worrying about what was around you.You held your head up.You looked forward at what was coming your way. You rode off of your momentum. You did it.

Ride your bike in your direction whether it is learning how to make samosas or learning how to run a country.
So write a love letter to the future, that means(yani):
Travel on.
Don't aspire,be.
Do what you've always wanted to do.
and love yourself and your life for it.

oh you audience
this is cinema

We're all gonna make it brahs,

Zyzz Yusuf
President, Local35