Friday, November 29, 2013

A Call To Arms: The "Negro" Problem

If God is willing this winter break I will be traveling back home. Eastside DeKalb County,GA. A placed characterised  by deFacto segregation that is to say  low racial and economic integration and low exchange of ideas. Blatantly put for a month I will not come in contact with a White, Desi,or Asian person save a count of Arabs.The only diversity I will see, in albeit low concentration, will be at the Masajd. Same goes for trains of thought. For one month I will be injected with the common nihilistic and hedonistic urban outlook on life.(It always takes me a week or two to readjust to suburban Pittsburgh after my trips, to lose my edge,that is.)Why is it this way?

  In sha ALLAH I will be returning, with an unbridled anticipation, to the warm embrace of my closest family and friends while simultaneously and conversely returning to the cold shoulder and blind eye of privileged America. East Atlanta, my city with which I am forever at odds is an absolute expectoration from the lungs of a treacherous American past.
Fie on the socioeconomic conditions and fie on that which they incubate!

 Sickening are the conditions men are reduced to; generic white bread packagings of black stereotypes to be sneered upon by the privileged few, capitalised on by the entertainment industry and injudiciously emulated by the middle class. We are subjected to drug dealing and robbery and gang warfare in the name of glorious food. A cyclical demise currently devours the majority of our souls. Flagrant unemployment gives birth to frustration and certain aggravation of disparity. Furthermore, so exists a parallel conundrum, when denizens find themselves destitute they are stricken with a sudden inability to purchase goods from an arbitrary firm. Thereby reducing the amount of profit this firm can make inevitably resulting in a depletion of hired workers and a price increase in goods.These happenings lead to the insidious declination of the resilience and economic fortitude of the aforementioned hypothetical firm forcing it into liquidation or general failure thus multiplying the already existing predicament of unemployment.
  We know there is a direct inverse relationship between the unemployment and crime rates. This is a direct result of the absence of that great equaliser of men, fine education.In these our neighbourhoods, East Atlanta as a paragon, that are bitter with unemployment and eagerly accentuated with crime you will find, by using even the most superficial of investigative methods, a decrepit educational system that absolutely fails to serve its intended apparent purpose. Herein lies the the reason for our insufficient acumen! Additionally in seeming spite upon analysing the aggregate school system it is discovered that the premier instructional institutions are disproportionately located in areas of high wealth and low racial integration.
  These schools are well guarded behind flying buttresses of  district lines procured by the so called relic of gerrymandering. The institutions are well preserved behind guises of zoning laws,clever metaphors for socioeconomic discrimination supplemented with vulgar poetic undertones of  racial privilege and black disenfranchisement.

My manifesto is born as such the solution is simple:

  • Redistribution of wealth spent on school improvement with the majority of money to the eastside schools
  • High performing teachers cycled out to eastside schools
  • A funding of intimate scholarly inclined programs in eastside schools
  • An absolute restructuring of the agendas and educational plans of eastside elementary schools.
With a piano you can play music well using only white keys but true harmony comes from using the black keys as well.

Truthfully yours,

From the heart of Local35,
-Zyzz Yusuf

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