Friday, August 16, 2013

An Exorduim of the Concept of Local35

By HE who measures
and provideth from a bounty, appointed
By my dedication
To the next life and this one
That I shall not cease
Until I Exit with that
Which I demand

 What I am about to tell you is very important so read carefully and pay attention. Demand is the strongest word a person can use in terms of life; The Akria and this one.Demand is the most aggressive verb one can exercise. But The ubiquitous questions that surface after one expresses such a desire often include: from who should we demand, for what should we demand, how should we demand. and W'ALLAH these are questions I myself struggle to answer and provide adequate answers for on a daily basis. However through personal reflections of the dynamics of these our multitudinous environments I have reached the conclusion that the embarkation of The Demand starts with the self. Demand from yourself. begin with yourself. ALLAH blameless, Nobody owes us anything.

 I am telling you that The World doesn't care. Nobody does. You have to do things for yourself. (may ALLAH protect us from inability and laziness, Qul: Ameen.) I am telling you it doesn't matter where you are from, what things are easy for you, what things are hard for you, what you like, what you dislike, what your skin color is, from what family you come. You must truly, truly desire. With caution, however (I have found that) this approach will NEVER, EVER work if you are seeking purely selfish motives. Your ulteriors must be of some benefit to others. (“The best of you is he (or she) who is of most benefit to others.” (Prophet Muhammad (SAW).)  This is the only way you'll stay motivated and successful. Believe me the only time demanding selfishly works is for supervillans in movies and even then they always lose in the last 15 minutes.(may we not be from among those who are losers in the next life or this one Qul:Ameen)  

 In order to be appraised in this world as one who is not a burden on others there are several elements, or planes one must achieve excellence across. What these planes are for you I don't know and frankly it's not my business  unless you want others to know, ACHIEVE WHAT CONCERNS YOU.We can't achieve each others goals and we each aspire to different things and I'm not saying these ambitions should the same for everyone but personally mine are: The Islamic perfection (may ALLAH make it easy for us Qul;Ameen), the Academic perfection,The Entrepreneurial perfection  The Physical Perfection.

 What I'm trying to tell you is nobody is going to hand you anything,you guys it's hard work and then tawwakul. It's a shame if you were to waste your life not contributing to your society, feeling sorry for yourself because you messed up back then(Qadr ALLAH) or life didn't start off the way you feel it should have. Are you just going to sit around and be passive or are you going to Demand for yourself that which is better for you and your peers? Once you demand from yourself others will realise, see your charisma and want to assist you. Help comes from people who see that you help yourself. The modern difference between the haves and the have not's is the attitude of those who can and can not.
I leave you with a warning and if you understand the message of this post you will understand my warning to you. (and ALLAH guides whom HE will.) Do not become arrogant, do not become arrogant, do not become arrogant.

We're all gonna make it brahs,

Reporting live from Local35,

-Zyzz Yusuf.

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