Monday, July 1, 2013

Propagation of a Facade

  It should be pointed out that I mention my "problems" or past socio-economic "inadequacies" simply to provide a point of reference for why I seem to act a certain way to those who know me or knew of me. Or if this is your first time ever hearing of me to maybe understand "the war*". Its not my intention to complain or  to feel sorry for myself, I never have, (just wanted to state that to readers). mostly because I believe Masha ALLAH, Qadr ALLAH. Besides a very,very long time ago I stopped waiting for the storm to pass and learned how to DANCE IN THE FREAKING RAIN.It took a few try's but now I give Gene a run for his money. On that note this is how Pitt taught me that all of our problems are relative to our own environment. 

  Pitt, (or maybe Dr. Laura Brown?) provided me the unique opportunity to view how other people live, and it can be assumed that the office of relations between eager freshmen and getting them to explore other cultures for the progress of  our beautiful country (if such an entity exists.) intended this. I would say for the first three weeks of so just like the majority of you hated this age old obstacle that has been cog-nominated by the masses as "institution of higher learning". I was so different from everyone, yeah? 

 Now all week I've struggled with wondering how deep to take you guys into my past, Where I truly came from, but I decided this is as much for me as it is for all, a means for venting, as it were. These are the various entities on campus slapped me in the face with "the war*"  because well this is the propagation of a facade.

 MARKET CENTRAL:  Food.Glorious.Food. The first time I had ever seen so much variety of food available to me ever! It was like every 'eid and ramadan iftar all rolled into one! I felt like Jesus(peace be upon him) and his Disciples(may GOD be pleased with them) In the Qur'an! Table spread Indeed. Every time I walk (present tense cuz still this still happens) into Market I can be confused with the Cheshire cat . Sometimes when I was eating pangs of guilt would shower over my body. Sitting there thinking while I'm in Oakland gorging on grilled cheese and cocoa puffs,  back in Stone Mountain my mother and sister are also having a feast. On a much lower scale however, one 15 cent pack of ramen noodles and maybe a can of corn if they were lucky. I would remember how we would split that three ways,two adults and one child. and it would go like this: I would eat my portion and go to my room waiting for the morning where I would go to school and get my free lunch and breakfasts, but my little sister would not be so content she would cry and argue with my mother demanding more, to no avail. But what was there else to eat? The two week old tomato sauce in the back of the fridge? Some mayo? Help yourself. 
  In the hallways of Lothrop (FOURTH FLOOR!!) the resounding chorus would often be "Market sucks, there's nothing to eat it's so nasty blah blah blah." I would literally slap myself with disbelief 'If you but knew'. But this is the propagation of a facade. So I Smiled laughed and usually made up a lie amongst the lines of   "Yeah, but my mom can't cook so I like it." at least that would explain why every time I went why I took so much food. 
   The Muslim perspective (the Muslims I ate with of course) is a bit different. Often without fail one of us would say "Alhumdulilah this is so much food we are so lucky that we have this at our fingertips ao many people don't have this." And this statement would be complimented with a cheesy smile and resounding ALLAHu Akbars, and Subhan ALLAH's,agreements from everyone else. Of course I would laugh and say Alhumdulilah, but this is a propagation of a facade. Secretly I would become ENRAGED when someone said something like this I would feel so angry like don't patronize me I know what it's like I've lived like that my entire life! All the little smiles felt like they were almost joking about it. It's not their fault, Alhumdulilah, they are very good brothers and they are rightly guided I guess it was jealousy that I never knew this lifestyle before, may ALLAH protect us from that.

 That was just one aspect of my new life but In sha ALLAH a part two will follow soon. Stay tuned cuz wer'e all gonna make it brahs.

-Zyzz Yusuf

*No war but the class war.

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